Friday, May 22, 2009

Library Alehouse on Main Street

Library Alehouse
2911 Main St
Santa Monica CA 90405

Richard's Take:

My Burger: Angus, medium-rare, with cheddar cheese and bacon. Added ketchup, dijon, and mayo. The burger also included the standard vegetables - tomato, a slice of red onion and a lettuce leaf.

The Side: Plain old french fries. Kind of bleh. During lunch I remarked on how difficult it must be to make good french fries, because so many places have bad ones. I would not order them again.

Verdict: This was a pretty good burger. Nicely cooked - pink and juicy inside, very nice poppy seed bun - quality stuff. The meat was well seasoned, and the whole thing was well presented.

I will give the burger one demerit because the fries sucked... and then I'll say I probably wouldn't go back because of the price. This was a $14 burger for lunch in a beer bar! This was a good burger, but not a $14 good burger.

Rosa's Take:

My Burger: Angus, medium-rare, with Stilton blue cheese and sauteed mushrooms. Added ketchup, dijon, and mayo.

The Side: Sweet potato fries. Crispy, salty, perfectly fried.

Verdict: My type of burger; very beefy patty, blue cheese was perfect salty tangy counterpoint, and (sourdough?) bun absorbed grease and condiments to achieve something just this side of disintegration. Messy eating, but memorable burger. Price puts this into Special Treat category, though.

TVE's Take:

My Burger: Angus, medium-rare, with bacon and sauteed mushrooms. Added ketchup.

The Side: Mashed potatoes. Good consistency but needed salt and pepper

Verdict: It was a great burger, perfectly cooked. The flavor of the patty was excellent. It was a good portioned patty and burger; maybe more along the lines of a dinner burger. The bun didn't distract from the rest of the burger. The provided red onion added a sweet kick! Overall, great burger but on the pricey side ($14). Great for an occasional splurge.

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